Posted On: September 24, 2015

Studio Series: Time & Luck Quartet and Kristin Diable Recap

There was something for everyone at Mad. Sq. Music: The Studio Series this past Saturday, September 19 – from love songs, to bluegrass jams, to hard hitting rock’n’roll, Time & Luck Quartet and Kristin Diable delivered unique and dynamic performances in Madison Square Park.

Time & Luck Quartet started the afternoon with their sweet folk sound, featuring an arrangement of mandolin, upright bass, guitar, and fiddle. The group sang around a condenser microphone together, creating lush harmonies that provided fresh textures throughout their songs.

Kristin Diable brought the southern grit with her onto the stage – she was comfortable, often walking around to different corners of the stage and making the listener feel as if they could be in a bar in Baton Rouge watching her play. Her voice speaks for itself; it’s sultry and strong, often surprising you with her vocal prowess. She closed out the set with a song that she began completely a cappella, showcasing the soulful melodies and clever lyrics that make up the core of her music.