Oval Lawn Recap: The Stepkids

When The Stepkids took the stage wearing velvet capes embroidered with SK, we knew we were in for a wild show! The core band of guitarist/vocalist Jeff Gitelman, bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Dan Edinberg, and drummer/vocalist Tim Walsh played their own psychedelic soul music with such fun and quirky energy. Jeff and Dan’s movements were delightfully choreographed and they moved perfectly in sync. Their music and performance embodied having fun on stage while still maintaining a phenomenal standard of playing. Throughout the night they had a slew of surprise guest artists join them on stage including the incomparable Kimbra.

They finished the night bringing an additional 3 vocalists, an organ player, and a full horn section bringing their full count on stage to 10 musicians. The crowd was up on their feet as the band played “Dance to the Music.”

The Stepkids left the stage and just when the we thought the evening couldn’t get more excited, they played a rousing encore with yet another guest artist, rapper Pharoah Monch! When the concert finished, fans were lined up next to the backstage area to chat with the band. It was truly a concert experience like no other.

Photos by Courtney Desiree Morris.

Burger & Lobster and Melt Bakery were on-hand throughout the day providing food, beer, and wine!