Oval Lawn Recap: The Family Crest | Arc Isis

Rain had been coming down all day Wednesday but that didn’t stop the crowds from grabbing food from Burger & Lobster and Melt Bakery then sticking around for our Oval Lawn Series. Good thing they did too because we had our first double bill of the season and both bands delivered unique and entertaining performances!

First up was Arc Iris, the brainchild of composer, lyricist, and vocalist Jocie Adams. She and her band took the stage in shiny costumes complete with jewels on their faces. Jocie herself wore a bright gold jumpsuit and at one point had ten foot silver wings attached as well. The music was just as epic as the costuming–with a cello, drums, keys, and vocals the soundscape created by the band was incredible. Elements of indie rock, jazz, and psychedelic soul contributed to an ethereal sound like no other. Jocie herself was a powerful performer, switching between instruments and even singing out in the crowd. Following their set, the members of Arc Iris went to the Mad. Sq. Park tent to sell merchandise and greet their fans.

Next up was The Family Crest, who market themselves as an orchestral indie rock band. Their sound was truly grand featuring keyboard, guitar, upright bass, flute, cello, violin, trombone, tenor sax, and drums. Frontman Liam McCormick’s voice soared across the lush texture created by the band – and the audience was loving it. The Mad. Sq. Music stage was one stop on their first headlining national tour, which they mentioned allowed them to play covers of songs. They seamlessly wove these covers in with their own compositions always keeping their signature style at the forefront. The Family Crest already has a huge following and they likely gained many more as the masses swarmed the Mad. Sq. Park tent to meet them and buy CDs after the show!