Oval Lawn Recap: Kiran Ahluwalia

Concertgoers were treated to a spectacular show by Kiran Ahluwalia on Wednesday night! Her Indian, Pakistani, Saharan, and western jazz influenced sound is unlike any we’ve had so far this summer and the crowd loved it. She brought with her four musicians playing guitar, harmonium, tabla, and bass–a really eclectic instrumentation.

Before each song, Kiran told the story of the lyrics in English for those not fluent in Urdu. She and her band drew on a variety of sources for repertoire from Punjabi folk songs about princes to Pakistani drinking songs to music from their recent album Sanata: Stillness, for which Kiran wrote the music and lyrics. By the end of the night, the entire audience was definitely Kiran Ahluwahlia fans. She concluded the evening with a song about a woman slyly hinting for her partner to buy her 24 karat bangles that started with an incredibly virtuosic tabla solo. When the song was over, the crowd was begging for an encore and they got one!