Posted On: May 29, 2015

New Trees in Mad. Sq. Park

We are excited to introduce two new trees in Madison Square Park. On 24th St and Madison Avenue,  you can now see the beautiful flowers of our new Robina Purple Robe’ also known as a purple flowering black locust tree. This tree is a replacement for one of our favorite trees in the Park, another black locust that had filled the same spot for at least ninety years. While we were sad to see the old tree removed, we look forward to having this younger specimen to add to our tree canopy. We hope this tree grows strong and becomes a favorite for future generations.

While some people consider Robina to be a weedy species, Black Locust trees are leguminous trees and help to fix nitrogen and improve soil health. They also have incredibly strong wood and are a preferred lumber source for fence posts because of their durability.

The second tree, a Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica), is a little known but gorgeous tree now sited near 25th St and 5th Ave. The genus Parrotia is named after Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot, a German naturalist, and traveler who, in 1829, was the first European to climb Mount Ararat, a mountain range in this tree’s native range.  Native to Iran and the caucuses, this witch hazel relative has beautiful spotted bark and great fall foliage. We hope that the introduction of trees with more diverse fall color will help add seasonal interest to the Park.