Posted On: May 15, 2015

New Garden

We are excited to unveil a new garden at Madison Square Park. Our gardens around the Shake Shack are new and greener than ever. What once was a tangled mess of Euonymus vines is now transformed into a city woodland oasis. Our plants may be small now, but these babies will soon grow into a dense understory.

Two beautiful Witch Hazels now line the 24th street pathway. Hamamelis Jelena’ will have beautiful copper orange flowers in February and H. Westerstede’ will have pale yellow blooms around the same time. These two plants will add to our collection of Witch Hazels located along the southern end of the park. Other woodland beauties include a deciduous Azalea patch featuring varieties such as Klondyke,’ My Mary,’ and R. calendulaceum. These varieties all bloom yellow orange and fiery red.

The new sun garden on the southern side of the concession features some really oddball perennials. Plants such as Eryngium palnum¬† Big Blue,’ also known as sea holly, and Centaura Gold Bullion’ offer striking blue flowers against beautiful and colorful foliage. Also included in that planting is a gorgeous Magnolia x brooklynensis¬† Woodsman.’ M. x brooklynensis is a hybrid which originated at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a cross between M. acuminata and M. lilliflora. Bred by J. C. McDaniel of Urbana, Illinois. Introduced in 1975, M. Woodsman’ has incredibly unique flowers featuring a combination of green, pink and dark purple flowers. It’s a show stopper.