Posted On: November 14, 2014

Mad. Sq. Hort: Tulip Time

Even as the leaves change, and harken the winter to come, our gardeners are thinking of spring.   This year, we are planting close to 20,000 bulbs for our spring display. Most of our seasonal display will be made of Tulips, but we are also planting additional Alliums and Eucomis. As much of our existing Allium collection has been impacted by the Shake Shack construction. Fortunately, our garden crew managed to salvage the Allium bulbs, and those purple Alliums that have bloomed every spring will now come up at both the East and West Side Entryways of the Park at 25th Street.   Digging them up, we were surprised to see how large these bulbs had grown over the years. Many of these bulbs were incredibly large and had divided to produce “baby bulbs.” 26th street will have an entirely new collection of white perennial globe Mount Everest’ Alliums.

The Eucomis bulbs from our summer display are also finding new homes in the garden. Bridget’s garden, around the playground, will now have a small collection of Eucomis ‘Aloha Lily Leia.’ Our gardens in front of the Eternal Light Memorial Flagpole  are also undergoing renovation. This spring the bed will feature red, white, and dark purple Tulips in honor of our veterans. The bed will be planted with perennial material later in the spring.

Tulips require a period of chilling to induce blooms. The planted bulbs sit dormant in the ground until the proper number of cool days has occurred and temperatures are warm enough to grow. We expect to see this display blooming late in April 2015.