Posted On: September 25, 2014

Mad. Sq. Hort: Fall Annual Planting

It’s been a beautiful fall at Madison Square Park, and we are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the season by spending as much time as we possibly can outside in the Park, enjoying the fall foliage and blooms! There is so much so much to appreciate in the park this fall, beginning with mambo peppers, eye-catching celosias, pink and purple asters, and gorgeous sunflower pansies at the Southern Fountain.   The purple theme continues over at the Senator Roscoe Conklin Monument, which is surrounded by purple pansies, at the Knot Garden, which is full of more pink and purple asters and purple pansies, complemented by a lovely array of blue asters, and at Bridget’s Garden, where purple pansies keep company with penn rubrums, yellow pansies, and sunset-y orange mums. The Chester Allen Arthur Monument and Jemmy’s Dog Run are decorated with autumnal millet, which also adds a harvest-y feel to the Seward Monument and Worth Square. Those striking celosia’s make another appearance over at the Northern Reflecting Pool, where they are joined by quirky chili chili peppers, and more purple pansies. Vibrant red mums and penn rubrum grasses dot the bases of the Seward and General Worth Monuments, and the latter Monument base also plays host to white mums, and sunfire, purple, and harvest pansies. Sunfire pansies appear again in Worth Square, along with blue asters and celosia. Finally, the Urns are bursting with North American Native Heuchera and Heucherella. IMG_20140910_113933 copy We hope you get to stop by the park this fall and take in the beauty of our latest Mad. Sq. Hort planting!