Posted On: May 1, 2014

Gardener Steph: Tulips! Tulips! Tulips!

We are happy to announce that our tulip display is in full bloom this week. Come and see it while they last!

This year we are featuring two great mixes of Parrot Tulips in our main display area at the southern fountain. Parrot tulips have petals that are feathered, curled, twisted or waved and are usually incredibly large and brightly colored. This mix features some great pink varieties that are really complementing the park’s cherry blossom blooms! Come and check it out.

In the northern end of the park we have a great display of Triumph tulips. Tulips ‘Princess Irene,’ ‘Jan Reus,’ and ‘Yellow Present’ form alternate mixes of orange, dark red, and yellow.

In front of the Seward monument, check out our display of double tulips. These are so big and bright — you’ll think you’re seeing Peonies. The display features Tulip ‘Blue Spectacle,’ which is as close to blue as tulips can be.   Blue Spectacle contrasts nicely with Tulip ‘Miranda’ which blooms a gorgeous blood red. These flowers are offset by the demure peach of Tulip ‘Charming Beauty.’

Swing by in front of the Shake Shack to see our collection of miniature tulips. This year we have a great display filled with Greigii Tulips. These tulips are well valued for their flowers and foliage alike, many have colorful striped leaves.   The leaves on Tulip ‘Fire of Love’ are enough to wow any passerby.   These tulips are incredibly short and fit in well with our display of hyacinths, grape hyacinth and anemone.