EATS Vendor Profiles

momofuku milk bar

momofuku milk bar is the bakery-inspired dessert branch of David Chang’s momofuku restaurant group. Headed by Christina Tosi, winner of the 2012 James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef, momofuku milk bar is famous for its crack pie, cereal milk and other delicious desserts.



Cooked to perfection in a mobile wood-fired oven, Roberta’s pizzas are all about quality; they spotlight seasonal ingredients in unique and delicious combinations.


Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich. Created with the goal of bringing fresh Maine lobsters to Brooklyn, Ralph personally handles every lobster purchase and buys from sustainably minded lobstermen.



Asiadogs are hot dogs topped with creative Asian fixings. Born from a love of NYC, Asiadog pushes the limits of one of New York’s most popular street foods, adding a personal touch and super-fresh ingredients.


Arancini Bros.

Arancini Bros. brings a beloved Sicilian street food, the Aranacini (deep fried balls filled with Arborio rice and various toppings) to Brooklyn and NYC. The balls are best served hot and eaten with one’s hands!


La Sonrisa Empanadas

Utilizing authentic, fresh ingredients, La Sonrisa makes great tasting empanadas. Each empanada is prepared with a commitment to quality, and each bite delivers a delicious experience; there are vegetarian options, as well as beef, chicken and pork.


Mayhem & Stout

Mayhem & Stout is an artisanal sandwich company that specializes in flavorful, fall-off-the-bone braised meats and creative, seasonally inspired house made, small batch condiments, relishes and spreads.



Throwing modesty out the window, Mexicue is the “love child” of red-hot Mexican cuisine and down-home, barbeque goodness. Their offerings highlight diverse flavor combinations, like green chili sauce with smoked short ribs, and poblanos and tomatillo sauce, to great effect.


Mighty Balls

As the name suggests, Mighty Balls specializes in all things balls; they strive to create a unique food experience, bringing together sophisticated sauces and delicious meatballs. Their sauces are influenced by the owner’s experiences around the globe.


Nunu Chocolates

Nunu Chocolates are handmade in Brooklyn from exquisite single-origin fair trade chocolate. They use a single origin Cocoa bean derived from a Trintario and Criollo hybrid, which they source from a family run farm in Eastern Colombia.


Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

Reimagining the cannoli as the new eat-and-go treat of choice, Stuffed Artisan Cannolis aims to offer a variety of affordable and approachable snacks for a widespread and diverse audience.


Sunday Gravy NYC

Sunday Gravy specializes in classic Italian “Sunday sauce,” a slow braise of succulent beef and pork, sausage and meatballs, simmered with plum tomatoes, garlic and basil. The cuisine is prepared with locally sourced ingredients, along with the most important element passed down from generation to generation: love.


Bar Suzette

Bar Suzette is known for their made-to-order sweet and savory crepes; they also serve delicious grilled burgers, fries, fish & chips, beer, wine, sake and shochu.



Calexico serves fresh, flavorful Cal-Mex food in New York City and Brooklyn. They have several locations and carts, and have one many accolades for their food, including a Vendy Award for Best Street Food.


Charlito’s Cocina

Founded in 2011, Charlito’s Cocina aims is to explore and utilize the rich gastronomic traditions used to preserve food prior to the days of refrigeration and freezers; they use the cleanest ingredients possible and make all of their sausages, cheeses and cured meats by hand.


Hong Kong Street Cart

Hong Kong Street Cart specializes in Asian street food like delicious dumplings, pork buns and more.


Macaron Parlour

While playing homage to buttercreams and ganaches, Macaron Parlour also dabbles with savory and frozen dessert fillings, and offer fun flavors like candied bacon with maple cream cheese frosting, s’mores and red velvet.


Mason Jar NYC

Mason Jar NYC specializes in American comfort food, including chicken and waffles, fried pickles and craft beer.


Melt Bakery

Melt Bakery was started in June 2010 on the Lower East Side of NYC. Since their debut at the Hester Street Fair, they have participated in Mad Sq Eats and opened New York’s first ice cream sandwich store at 132 Orchard Street; they make all of their ice cream and cookies from scratch daily.


Mimi & Coco NY

Mimi and Coco NY “teriyaki balls” are inspired by the Japanese comfort food, Takoyaki, and customized to New York City’s diverse and eclectic tastes.


Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen

The main goal of Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen is to maintain the integrity of comfort food in this case, the grilled cheese sandwich. They toast the bread with extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs, and garlic and use interesting, yet simple, flavor combinations. Their garlic-herb olive oil adds flavor to the bread and compliments the entire sandwich.


Seoul Lee Korean BBQ

Seoul Lee Korean Bar B Cue serves authentic Korean fried chicken wings, wraps, Bibimbap rice bowls, BBQ baguettes, kimchi and pickled vegetables.

The Cannibal

The Cannibal is a New York beer and butcher shop that serves sandwiches and sausages, chips, beer, wine and soda.




Delaney Barbecue

Delaney Barbecue is the Brooklyn-based restaurant group responsible for BrisketTown in Williamsburg, and SmokeLine on The High Line in Chelsea. Founded in 2012, they strive to produce extremely high quality Central-Texas style barbecue, cooked outdoors, with nothing but wood and the best ingredients possible.



Doughnuttery specializes in miniature doughnuts with unique flavor combinations; the doughnuts pair perfectly with a cup of warm apple cider and a signature DoughDip sauce.



Slide specializes in gourmet sliders with international inspired flavors. Their adventurous creations utilize BBQ pork belly, fried chicken with cheddar waffles, lamb, smoked duck, veal, crab cake, pink peppercorn tuna, baby Portobello mushrooms and more. Their signature item is, of course, the classic beef slider made with a top-secret meat blend from Pat LaFrieda.


Sigmund’s Pretzels

A Mad. Sq. Eats favorite is returning after a brief hiatus! Sigmund’s serves baked pretzels, dips, signature drinks and pastries.



The SD26 team are serving up their cuisine at Mad. Sq. Eats for the first time this fall! They will be serving classic Italian sandwiches, pastas and more.