Posted On: February 11, 2019

Meet Gardener Darrell

Meet Gardener DarrellWhat’s your role at MSPC?
I am the Horticultural Manager.

How long have you been with the Conservancy?
I would say about a year now, but I’ve been gardening for about 30 years.

What does your day-to-day look like?
In the morning we do trash pick-up throughout the gardens, because, you know, it’s a Park. So there will be trash in the pathways, but it blows into the garden. We like to make sure that the garden is as tidy and clean as possible without any inorganic debris. Anything to make sure that the garden is looking nice.

What are you excited to see in the spring?
Leading up into the Eternal Light Monument, there are some new plants that we have put in. There are some heucheras and some nice climbing hydrangeas that we are using for ground cover; that’s going to look really nice when it fills in. I’m excited to see how everything looks when it’s all nice and full. I like that section because my great grandfather, grandfather, and a lot of my uncles served in the military, so the Eternal Light Monument means something to me.

Is there anything that you wish Park-goers would know?
I wish they would know not to feed the squirrels because that makes them aggressive. People who just want to sit down and enjoy some sun, have squirrels run up to them. The squirrels think people are waiters bringing them food. If everyone was mindful of nature—that’s what I would like to see.

Is there one program that’s coming up that you’re looking forward to?
Kids Fest. I love Kids Fest because I’m a grandfather. I have seven grandchildren now, but they live in Georgia, so I don’t get to see them as much. When I hear all the kids having so much fun, I enjoy that. Also, the Kids Concert series. I am looking forward to that.

What’s your favorite part of Madison Square Park?
When people walk up and say, “Hey, thank you.” The smiles on people’s faces and when they say how nice the place looks—that’s what I do it for. Some people can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but then they can walk through the Park and see one of the flowers and smell one of the flowers and the smile that comes to their face makes the rest of their day good. That’s what I enjoy.

Is there anything else you want Park-goers to know about you?
Just smile when you walk past.