Global Gardens: Plants of Asia

This week, we continue our Global Garden tour with the beautiful blooms of Asia. You will find a variety of unique plants and diverse island [Read More]

Global Gardens: Plants of Europe

Our summer display, Global Gardens, features plants native to five continents from around the world. Cultures throughout the ages have celebrated gardens for crops, pleasure, [Read More]

Summer Wildlife: Life on the Oval Lawn

The lush green lawns found throughout Madison Square Park are a blend of various types of grass that host a diverse collection of wildlife. Today, [Read More]

Global Gardens: Plants of South America

Many plants in South America are not only beautiful to look at but are commonly used in South American foods and have various medicinal properties. [Read More]

Summer Wildlife: Fireflies at Dusk

As the fireworks fade into the summer, another light show begins to take place in the heart of Madison Square Park. Adult Photinus pyralis beetles, [Read More]

Global Gardens and the Age of Discovery

In the 18th- and 19th-century, scientific fervor and intellectual curiosity resulted in many voyages of discovery by European nations. Naturalists, zoologists, and gardener-botanists accompanied colonial [Read More]

Summer Hydrangeas 

Summer is here and so is our extensive collection of hydrangeas. At Madison Square Park, there are over 300 individual hydrangea plants, most of them [Read More]

Park Pollinators 2020

Over thousands of years, pollinators found in Madison Square Park have coevolved with regional plants to transfer pollen between male and female flower parts. In [Read More]

Meet the Trees: Horse Chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum, the horse chestnut, is a large deciduous tree native to the Balkans Peninsula. These trees, when mature, can grow to be between 50 [Read More]

Summer Birds in the Park 2020

As a managed green space, Madison Square Park is a vital source of food and shelter for native and migrating fauna throughout the year. This [Read More]