Mad. Sq. Hort Updates

Restoring Urban Soils

Traditional urban horticulture once saw leaves as unsightly and as a place where harmful fungi, pests, and other nuisances would reside. Today, we now understand [Read More]

Caring for our Tree Canopy

As an arboretum and an urban forest, the trees in Madison Square Park require special attention. For this reason, the Conservancy contracts a team of [Read More]

Eastern Grey Squirrels

Squirrels are friendly Park ambassadors at Madison Square Park. They call the Park their home just like all the other wildlife found within this green [Read More]

Witch hazels

Witch hazels, members of the genus Hamamelis, are a group of plants known for their dramatic, spidery flowers that often bloom in the cold winter [Read More]


In the midst of winter, there is one plant that you will often find blooming even under a blanket of snow: the hellebore. Members of [Read More]

Mad. Sq. Hort Greenhouse

This spring, we’re celebrating Madison Square Park’s plant collections, Global Gardens, and ecology at The Greenhouse. Visit to discover more about the Park’s horticulture and [Read More]

Winter Birds in the Park

On January 5, nature lovers, bird lovers, and bird watchers across the country celebrated this year’s National Bird Day! As a managed green space, Madison [Read More]

Christmas Tree Disposal

In the next few days, NYC Parks will help us recycle our 30-foot Norway spruce into wood chips. These wood chips make excellent ground cover [Read More]

Winter Hort Guide

Witch Hazels January and February may seem like an unusual time for flowers to bloom, but our witch hazel collection is flourishing. Witch hazels (Hamamelis [Read More]

Winter Ecology

While we may think of winter in the garden as a barren season when most creatures and plants are gone, there is a surprising amount [Read More]