Meet the Mad. Sq. Dog: Junior

Introducing Junior! Junior’s parents, fellow Mad. Friends, gave us the inside scoop on all things he loves about Mad. Sq. Park!

Introduce us to Junior!
Junior is a three-year-old mix, rescued from a Los Angeles kill shelter. He’s very social, loves to play with big dogs and long walks in the park.

How often does Junior come to the Park, and what does he like to do there?
Junior is at Mad. Sq. Park almost every afternoon, except for days he is in the country. He likes a quick visit to the dog run to see who is around.

Does Junior want to share any doggie fashion tips as the temperature
begins to drop?

It’s all about layering to keep warm.

How does Junior feel about his new Mad. Sq. Park dog collar tag?
Junior loves the tag, and wonders if it comes in black.

Anything else you would like to share?
Junior lives equidistant between Mad. Sq. Park and Chelsea Waterside Park, and his favorite dog park is Mad. Sq. Park!