Meet the Mad. Sq. Dog: Harper

Mad. Sq. Dog: Meet Harper! Harper wants to tell you why she loves Mad. Sq. Park!

Introduce us to Harper!

Harper is a 2-year-old shepherd mix who lives in Chelsea with her mom and dad. She was adopted with the help of the amazing team at Hearts and Bones Animal Rescue. When they originally found her in Dallas, she was malnourished and already had a litter of puppies (she wasn’t even a year old!) Harper did not let that get her down though – she quickly regained her strength and transitioned well into city life!


How often does Harper visit the Park, and what does she like to do there?

Harper is a very active and social pup – you can usually find her in MSP twice a day. She goes there in the morning to play fetch and again in the afternoon to play and wrestle with her dog friends.

Does Harper have any particular dog friends at the Dog Run?

Ghost and Saint are her best buddies. She loves her morning crew too (Ludvig, Blue, Jasper, Oliver, Penny, Stella and Marshall – just to name a few!)

What is Harper’s favorite toy?

Her favorite toys are Chuck-it balls and Benebones.

Anything else you would like to share?

Harper and her parents would like to say a BIG thank you to the MSP staff and patrons for all their hard work in keeping the dog run clean and beautiful!

If you would like to keep up with Harper’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram @Barry_Sweet_Harper.