Posted On: December 20, 2017

Press Buzz for Whiteout

Suspended two feet above our central Oval Lawn you can find Erwin Redl’s mesmerizing outdoor exhibition WhiteoutThe installation will be on display from November 16 through March 25, 2018. The installation measures 110 feet wide by 180 feet long by 12 feet tall, incorporates 900 transparent white spheres suspended via cabling from two rectangular grid of steel poles. A pulsing white LED is embedded discretely within each orb and gently sways with the wind currents from their positions above the ground plane. Whiteout promises to brighten the dark months of winter through a computer-programmed choreography of virtual movements and wave patterns which moves in sync to the natural movement of the luminous kinetic installation.


Major exhibition support for Whiteout is provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Substantial exhibition support is provided by Austrian Cultural Forum New York and Francis J. Greenburger.


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Erwin Redl, Whiteout, 2017. Steel, animated white LEDs, stainless steel cable, low voltage insulated wire, two sections: each 12 x 40 x 180 feet; overall: 12 x 110 x 180 feet. Collection of the artist. © Erwin Redl. Photos: Rashmi Gill