What’s Happening Here?

Madison Square Park Conservancy is in process of installing artist  Teresita Fernández’s  Fata Morgana,  a monumental outdoor sculpture project that will open this spring in the Park and remain on view through the winter months.

During Phase I of installation (now complete), six steel structures have been positioned, constructed, and secured.

During Phase II of installation (continuing this month), crews will secure mirror-polished discs onto the steel structures.   Please see the southwest corner of the Park’s Oval Lawn for a glimpse of the finished installation.

Project completion is scheduled for late May. We appreciate your patience as the work is installed and are excited and eager to share the luminous canopies that will ring the Park’s Oval Lawn during the exhibition period.


We are extremely excited to share Teresita Fernández’s exhibition with you. Follow the link for more information on Fata Morgana and the Mad. Sq. Art program. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns,  please reach out to us at info@madisonsquarepark.org.

Fata Morgana will be open to the public from June 1, 2015 through winter 2015-16. Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with Madison Square Park Conservancy (@MadSqParkNYC), Teresita Fernández (@teresitafz), and via the hashtags #MadSqArt, #FataMorgana, and #TeresitaFernández.