Posted On: October 13, 2017

Closing Prismatic Park

As Prismatic Park closed on October 8, we reflect on artist Josiah McElheny’s thoughts from his statement in the exhibition catalogue:

“The physical part of the project was just the beginning: we have commissioned dance, music, and literature for this park, for parks in general. In and among these structures, the authors of park music, park dance, and park poetry rehearse, perform—perhaps even teach—their aesthetic ideas about art in a public space. The three New York City–based partner organizations, invited to help us discover the artists best suited to this type of exploration, will continue to carry the spirit of the project forward, in ways that will surprise us, after the exhibition is over. The resident artists are the real heart of this effort, and it is my dream that this dialogue will help give rise to further explorations of this point of view, in other parks, other cities, and other years. It is a utopian idea, but why not?

We all have a lot to learn about where we’re going with public space and what’s possible there.”