Posted On: January 29, 2018

‘Big Bling’ Travels to MASS MoCA


After Martin Puryear’s Big Bling debuted in Madison Square Park in May of 2016, the plan was to display the enigmatic 40-foot-tall piece in Philadelphia and finally to disassemble the sculpture and find new uses for the plywood and fencing. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the sculpture has instead traveled to MASS MoCa. Brooke Kamin Rapaport, Deputy Director and Martin Friedman Senior Curator of Mad. Sq. Art received a phone call from MASS MoCa. “It was an eleventh-hour save” Rapaport said referring to how close the piece was to being dismantled.

Big Bling arrived last month to MASS MoCA where they are working with Puryear to site the sculpture. We are extremely pleased that Big Bling will be exhibited at MASS MoCa, as it aligns with Mad. Sq. Art’s program goals. “It’s important to bring our commissioned projects out on the road to other museums or public art programs or sculpture parks. It’s a real goal to get our projects out into the world” said Rapaport.

Read the announcement in ARTnews.


Photo by Hunter Canning.