Posted On: November 29, 2017

Mad. Sq. Appeal 2017: Keep Your Park Beautiful

Madison Square Park wasn’t always the emerald oasis we know today. For decades, it was neglected, unkempt and unloved. Today, Madison Square Park Conservancy is entirely responsible for maintenance and programs, and our staff works hard to keep your Park green and clean. Every day, you’ll see Gardener Steph and the team planting flowers, sweeping paths, pruning trees, emptying trash cans, repairing fences, or shoveling snow—all critical work, especially now that the Park is welcoming more visitors than ever before.

Will you help us look after the Park by making a year-end gift to the Conservancy?

Just $25 enables us to plant 50 daffodils for our vibrant spring display, or to fix a broken bench slat. $50 covers a square yard of mulch or a week of organic fertilizer. $100 or more goes even further to help keep our grounds and gardens pristine.

Make a tax-deductible contribution today to help us continue to care for the Park, and when you visit, you’ll know that you helped take care of this beloved urban gem.


For more information, please contact Andie Terzano, Development Associate, (212) 786-5735 or