February 11, 2019

Meet Gardener Darrell

What’s your role at MSPC? I am the Horticultural Manager. How long have you been with the Conservancy? I would say about a year now, [Read More]

September 19, 2018

MSPC Volunteer Appreciation

Madison Square Park Conservancy is indebted to our volunteers for their invaluable contributions to the Park. Every year, volunteers have proven instrumental to the success of [Read More]

September 11, 2018

Victorian Symbolism In Our Perennial Collections

Across cultures, time, and space, flowers have served as symbols used by people wishing to convey subtle or covert messages. Nowadays, we tend to perceive flower [Read More]

August 21, 2018

Please Don’t Feed The Squirrels

As you may know, the squirrels at Madison Square Park are eccentric critters who provide a world of entertainment and whimsy to all who visit [Read More]

August 6, 2018

Meet the Trees: Crabapple

The crabapple is a small tree in the rose family of the Malus, or apple, genus. It originated from the mountains of Kazakhstan, and other [Read More]

July 9, 2012

Mad. Sq. Art Announces New Martin Friedman Curator

NY Observer raises a Shake Shack Shake to Mad. Sq. Art’s inaugural Martin Friedman Curator, Adam Glick! Adam D. Glick Image courtesy of Taylor Wallick [Read More]

March 7, 2011

Kota Ezawa: City of Nature

Video stills courtesy of the artist Kota Ezawa is a German-born, San Fransisco-based video artist and illustrator who creates simple, graphic illustrations over film footage [Read More]

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