Prismatic Park: Blank Forms

Prismatic Park: Blank Forms

Photo by Samantha Gore


As part of Josiah McElheny’s #MadSqArt exhibition, Prismatic Park, Blank Forms will provide the Park with six artists to participate in artist residencies throughout the summer season, including:


June 13-17 | Lea Bertucci

July 11-15 | Ánde Somby

July 26-30 | Joe McPhee & Graham Lambkin

August 22-26 | Shelley Hirsch

September 6-9 | Matana Roberts

October 3-7 | Limpe Fuchs


Blank Forms is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists working in a range of time-based and interdisciplinary art practices, including experimental music, performance, dance, and sound art. We aim to establish new frameworks to preserve, nurture, and present the work of historically important figures and emerging artists throughout the year. Blank Forms provides artists with curatorial support, residencies, commissions, and publications to help advance their practices and document their work. Blank Forms curates a year-round presenting program with more than 25 original performances, concerts, lectures, and screenings accompanied by original print and digital publications.

Blank Forms is deeply concerned with fostering a community for artists and performers who traditionally do not have support from larger institutions or other means of infrastructure to help develop their work. Without a confined location and physical space of our own, we are able to partner with other organizations and venues internationally and throughout New York City to deepen the public’s involvement with historical and contemporary movements in time-based art.