Keats Myer
Executive Director

Brooke Kamin Rapaport
Deputy Director and
Martin Friedman Chief Curator

Julia Friedman
Senior Curatorial Manager

Tom Reidy
Senior Project Manager

Robin Lockwood
Deputy Director of Community Engagement

Rosina Roa
Director of Finance and Human Resources

Veronica Bainbridge
Deputy Director, Development

Hannah Sterrs
Board and Campaign Associate

Andie Terzano
Development Manager

Nicole Rivers
Director of Events

Dana Klein
Events Manager

Miriam Fodera
Director of Public Programs

Chloe Vogt
Public Programs Associate

Jossue Velasquez
Projects and Productions Assistant

Astyaj Bass
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Jill Weisman
Graphic Design and Communications Associate

Stephanie Lucas
Deputy Director of Horticulture and Operations

Stephanie Stachow
Senior Park Manager

Ryu Kim
Park Operations Associate

Ray Brown
Assistant Gardener

Lorenzo Arrington
Associate Park Manager

Christopher Sanabria
Associate Park Manager

Tyrone Wright
Associate Park Manager

Deepka Sani
Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Emily Dickinson
Climate and Sustainability Initiative Manager


Conservancy Founders:

Debbie Landau, Bill Lukashok, and Danny Meyer