Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lawns be open Today?

A daily list of our open lawns is published by 10am on our website*. A weekly list is posted on the bulletin board of W 24th and Broadway and at the condiment station of the Shake Shack. Please note that lawns may be closed due to wet weather conditions.

*Lawns are closed between mid-October and early May.

Is my dog allowed on the lawn?

To keep the lawns sanitary for children and other visitors, we ask that keep your dog on pathways and in the dog run. Also dog waste and other natural behaviors, such as digging, can damage the turf.

I want to hold a birthday party, fundraiser, or an event in the park?

Gatherings of 20 or more people require a permit from the Department of Parks and Recreation. All lawn furniture and decorations must be included on the permit.

Are tables and chairs allowed on the lawn?

Tables and chairs are not permitted on the lawn. They can damage the turf and lead to compaction issues.

Are there bathrooms in Madison Square Park?

There are no bathrooms in the Park. There is a DOT owned restroom on Madison Avenue between E 23rd Street and E 24th Street.

Where are the water fountains?

There are water fountains at the fountain and reflecting pool. A child-friendly water fountain is located in the playground.

Where is Madison Square Garden?

While the first and second Madison Square Gardens were located on the north east corner of the Park, the current Madison Square Garden is located between 7th and 8th Avenues and between W 31st and W 32nd Streets.

Why can’t I feed the squirrels or birds?

Wildlife should be wild! By feeding the animals in the park, animals start to associate humans with food. They will become more aggressive and competitive. Introduced food can also lead to large, unstable populations and unhealthy diets and disease.

Am I allowed to ride by bicycle in the park?

Bicycle riding on park pathways is prohibited by the Department of Parks and Recreation’s rules and regulation.

How do I purchase a bench plaque?

To learn more about dedicating a bench in Mad. Sq. Park please contact our Development Manager, Andie, at