Kids Things To Do

Jul 12, 2011 – 10:30am - 11:30am

Mad. Sq. Kids: The Pop Ups

PASTA! A Pop Ups Puppet Musical will take you on a tasty and epic journey that gets you home in time for dinner. Join the Pop Ups (veteran kids’ rockers JACOB STEIN & JASON RABINOWITZ) for an educational and comic musical adventure through the magical land of Brooklyn. With the audience’s help, The Pop Ups search for the ingredients to make the best (locally sourced) pasta sauce ever.


Warning: Prepare for a high-energy live act involving live-drawing, dance-beats, colorful puppets, animals, trains, guitar riffs, mermaids, gardens, instruments, vegetables, sparkles and rocking interactive dance numbers that catapult the audience out of their seats.

This colorful and theatrical show is populated with puppets from the puppet shops of Julianna Parr (MUPPET SHOW, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL) and Ingrid Crepeaux (DINOSAUR ROCK), as well as terrific songs from The Pop Ups’ much buzzed about 2010 album, Outside Voices. Stefan Shepherd, (NPR,, calls the new release “… nothing less than the kids music debut of the year!”